Friday, September 9, 2016

My Tiny Apartment Tour 2016 | #Minimalist Living in #LosAngeles

Minimalist living is my new way of enjoying the things I absolutely love and use on a daily basis. In Los Angeles, we always see and hear about the huge mansions of the rich and famous!! Indeed, the homes of beautiful and breath-taking. However, not everyone chooses to live in such huge places, entertaining lots of guests, family, and friends. Some even live off the grid in Tiny Houses!! How cool is that?! 


Tiny House - Country Living

Well, this year, I have realized how important "my possessions" are to my everyday life and how they influence my thinking, emotions, and physical comfort. Too much clutter can make you feel overwhelmed and mentally unfocused. Besides, you can only spend time in one room at a time. I found that I spent my time in one room more than any others at home. 

On the closet door in my new tiny apartment

That's why when I discovered how people were living in tiny spaces and only taking things that they actually will use on an almost daily basis, that clicked with me!! I became curious and when I moved out of my condo, I was surprised to discover that I, myself, would be embarking on a more simplistic, minimalist, way of living. Go Me!!

So...I thought that I would share with you a video-backstory and a look inside my new tiny space apartment in Los Angeles! What do you think? Share any comments below.

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