Thursday, June 2, 2016

BzzAgent Unboxing JUST Water & Review 2016 @JUSTisbetter #complimentsofJUST

Water is super important to the nourishment of our bodies but it is also important to consider how we contain the water we drink. I used to be a tap water, right out of the faucet, kind of gal but the water started tasting a little weird so I had to change over to drinking filtered or Spring Water. So the water that I purchase now comes in large plastic containers and I pay a 10 cent CRV fee as well, for the plastic. With the amount of water that I drink in the plastic containers, I make sure that I recycle too. 

Today, I tried JUST WATER, 100% Spring Water in a paper-based bottle, from my BzzAgent campaign. In the following video review, I shared more about this brand and my personal review of the water, after trying it.

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When you purchase water, which container does your water come in?

A. Plastic
B. Glass
C. Paper

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