Monday, November 30, 2015

#BloomingBulb Holiday #GiftsforKids - My First Garden Collection

During your online holiday shopping, I recommend stopping by BloomingBulb for an educational Holiday Gardening Gift for children! There are so many to choose from and great for children to begin developing an interest in plants and gardening. My 4 year old niece is going to love this gift! 
If you're still deciding on a unique holiday gift, learn more about these seed kits below, from BloomingBulb.
My First Garden - Gift for Kids

My First Garden Collection - $19.95

The My First Garden Seed Kits Collection includes 1 of each of the Blooming Bulb seed kits for children. Learn more about each of the seed kits and purchase them in the entire collection or individually for $7.95 each.

Pizza Seed Kit
Kids will have the opportunity to grow their very own pizza ingredients. The Pizza Garden Seed Kit will include: Sweet Bell Pepper, Beefsteak Tomato and Sweet Italian Basil seed packets, planting instructions, egg carton, and soil wafer.

My First Garden - Pizza Seed Kit

Flower Seed Kit
Teach your children about gardening with the Blooming Bulb Flower Seed Kit, which includes: Mini Sunflower, Nasturtium and Bachelor Button seed packets, planting instructions, egg carton, and soil wafer.  

My First Garden - Flower Seed Kit

Fairy Wonderland Seed Kit
If one of your little ones, love fairies and all things magical? Bring a bit of wonder into your garden with the Blooming Bulb complete Fairy Wonderland Seed Kit. This kit includes: Lavender, White Clover & Pink Evening Primrose seed packets, complete planting instructions, egg carton, and soil wafer. 

My First Garden - Fairy Wonderland Seed Kit

Disclaimer: BloomingBulb seeds have always gave me great results, that's why I am an affiliate. This blog post expresses my personal recommendations, after actually purchasing a number of seeds from this company. Your results may vary depending on care and zoning.

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