Monday, April 20, 2015

BzzAgent Unboxing and #ProductReview for Silk Cashew Milk @LoveMySilk

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose had the opportunity to join a new BzzAgent campaign to experience one free half gallon of SILK Cashew Milk! I love my Silk Soy Milk, but now I tried their cashew milk. I enjoy cashews as a nice snack during the day, but as milk, well, I don't know. So, in this YouTube video below, I share my personal review of this product. 

My Product Review
I like that this SILK Cashew Milk is not too sweet, even though it is their original with 7 grams of sugar. I like that the Cashew milk is suttle-to-taste and it is indeed creamy. I would definitely buy this milk again because it is just as nice as Silk Soy milk, which I do buy regularly. I can enjoy this milk easily by glass or with my favorite cereal. I am always open to trying new products and this one was one that I enjoyed trying for free as a BzzAgent. It is also nicely priced in my local Ralphs supermarket at about $3.99, so that's reasonably priced to me. I even used it one morning to prepare pancakes and they came out fluffy with a nice sweetness to them. I recommend that you give it a try as well and tell me what you think!

Share Your Thoughts
Are you a SILK Milk fan? If so, have you tried this new Cashew milk? Is it best in a cold glass, in a healthy smoothie, or with your favorite cereal? Share with me your preferences in a comment below!

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