Thursday, June 19, 2014

Softlips® Cube #Review

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose was invited to the SpringVoxBox event through Influenster and I am happy to do a review of the Softlips Cube that I received in the box of goodies. I never knew of this product before trying it out currently. I really enjoy using this product. 

The Softlips Cube provides a lip protectant/sunscreen SPF 15 for your lips, so not only are you getting that moisture for your lips, but you are getting some protection from the harmful sun rays. 

This product really came in handy when I was out of town, in Las Vegas, because it was pretty warm and the wind was dry, which made my lips dry as well. When I didn't use a lip gloss, I pulled out this product. I did also find myself using the cube a little more. 

I do like how easy it fits into my purse and it just glides on my lips nice and smooth. I would give this product a grade of an A

Go out and get the Softlips Cube to try! (Cost: $3.49 - $4.00 depending on if you get it on their website or in your local drug store)

Here's my YouTube Video Review for Softlips® Cube

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