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@Influenster #SpringFlingVoxBox Unboxing and Product #Reviews

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose was invited to experience the Influenster #SpringFlingVoxBox and had the opportunity to test some new products. In the following unboxing video, I share all of the items that came in the Influenster Spring Fling VoxBox, followed by my own product review for each item. All prices are listed below for your purchasing convenience and are priced at the time of shooting this video and receiving the Influenster VoxBox.

The Influenster #SpringFlingVoxBox Unboxing

Product Reviews for #SpringFlingVoxBox Items

The Rimmel London Retro Glam Mascara is really nice as well. Its mascara applicator is fat and curvy, which helps to extend my lashes, but also keeps my lashes from clumping. I would recommend putting on more than one coat for a richer eye look.

$2.49 for 2.5oz / $10.99 for 13.5oz. 
This lotion is SO good. It keeps my skin moisturized and I would continue to use this for its hydration. As far as the skin firming part of the product, I would have to use it for some time to see the skin firming results. I did notice that it said you should begin to see a difference within as little as 2 weeks, so I will see how it goes as I finish the bottle. 

I gave them a try on my weekend business trip and they lasted the entire trip and I'm still wearing them into my week now. The little white tabs on the ends of them, makes it easier to apply. There's a lot less interaction with the nail glue when using the white tabs. They seal down quickly and I liked that they provide a manicure stick so I could oval-shape them to my natural nails. I received nice comments about them and about how they looked very natural on me.

The Labor Day car refreshener lasted through the weekend as far as the scent goes. It was pleasant to smell on my roadtrip.

I am looking forward to watching Labor Day real soon.

$3.99 - $4.99
I have tried Playtex Sport tampons before and they have been great with providing protection, during my time of the month. I don't usually use scented products, but after trying these tampons, I see that it didn't have any effect on me. They still did their job and it never crossed my mind that they were scented. I would definitely use them again. I move around a lot, so protection, during my time of the month is VERY important. 

I absolutely LOVE this softlips cube. It leaves my lips moisturized and I can feel this cool sensation on my lips every time I use it. I know that it's working. I like how the product is displayed in the cube. It rolls on smooth and easy. I don't have to roll it up inside the cube. I got a wind burn on my lips, while I was in Las Vegas, and I started using the Softlips cube - Lip protectant/Sunscreen. It has relieved that dry feeling on my lips and there's no more windburn. I will buy this again, once I use this one up. 

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