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BzzAgent #Review: Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic #Foods

Disclosure: The following review is taken 100% from my own experiences with these products. They were given to me free, to try, as a BzzAgent.

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose is an official BzzAgent and very happy to review Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic. I'm the kind of lady who watches what she eats and that's not because I want to stay looking good in my skinny jeans. I do enjoy food, you know. As I've gotten older I realize that my body isn't taking any mess from me, when it comes to binge-eating with cheese pizza, french fries, and sea salt kettle-cooked potato chips. Those escapades are sadly over. Even during the holidays when most Americans find themselves binge eating, I keep it very conservative. So, when I had the opportunity to review, for free, some of Kroger's Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic, I had to jump on it!

According to Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic products, they are: open, honest and affordable foods that represent the joy of eating closer to the way nature intended. Making better food choices just got a whole lot simpler with clean packaging and easy-to-understand ingredient statement that take the chore out of selecting organic, "free from 101+ artificial preservatives and ingredients" and natural foods.

My Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic Products Review

I'm a cereal monster. I love trying new healthy choices, that gives me the vitamins and minerals I need with a touch of sweet goodness. So, I was anxious to try Simple Truth Sweet Nut Cluster & Flake Granola cereal. 

It was very tasty with texture, I realized from the start. I liked that the flakes, the granola, almonds and nuts were noticeable in my bowl. The flakes and granola were huge morsels. You could see that they weren't skimpy on the product and with every bite I could taste the sweetness of the granola the the bite of the nuts. 

I would definitely buy this cereal again, if the price is as reasonable in Ralphs, as advertised. Cereal prices are definitely highly-priced these days, when it comes to the cereals that are actually good for you, as I have noticed. However, I am open to purchasing this product. I give this cereal two thumbs up and a Grade: A.

Who's loves popcorn? I LOVE popcorn. I can eat it anytime of day and not just at the movies, either. It's light, airy, fluffy, and a great snack in between meals for me. I also like a touch of seasoning to bring out the popcorn flavor. These are all the qualities I loved about Simple Truth Organic White Cheddar Popcorn. I ate this bag of popcorn while watching my Netflix movies, working on my business plan, and just as a midday break from working from home. I couldn't get enough of it. The white cheddar didn't drown out the popcorn and that is definitely a plus for those of you who are watching your figure. I would purchase this product again and give it a Grade: A.

The final product that I had the opportunity to review for free was the Simple Truth Flavored Blackberry Blueberry Vapor Distilled Water and Electrolytes. I thought at first glance that this would be a carbonated, flavored, water, which is normally how I see it in grocery stores. However, it was water with a touch of flavoring. I also heard from another person that electrolytes help the water absorb into the body much better. 

This product tastes like you're drinking regular water and you finally get the taste of the blackberry and blueberry, during the after taste of the experience. I don't usually make a big deal out of my water drinking. I normally drink purified water and call it a day. So, with that said, the product is okay, but not for me. I don't understand the reasoning behind the flavoring in regular water, for this product. I know that some people have a difficult time drinking enough, plain, water, but this product wouldn't satisfy that problem with it's flavoring, at least not with this particular flavor I tried. I wouldn't purchase this product as often. I give it a Grade: C.

Want some Coupons?

If you're a fan of coupons, I do have some available for Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic products. They will expire 2/28/2014

How to Get Them: If you would like some, send a message through my Contact Me page, with your mailing address, and I will get them out to you! 

I have three more slabs left, since writing this review post. You can see them in the video below, as well ;) 

Leave Your Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic Comments

I hope you enjoyed my reviews of some of Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic products. There are many products in this brand in your local Kroger sister supermarkets. Go try them and create your own buzz about your favorites. 

What are some of your favorite Simple Truth or Simple Truth Organic products? Which ones do you recommend I try?

Happy Shopping!

Become a BzzAgent 
In the following Youtube video, is a BzzAgent Unboxing for Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic, just in case you would like to know how you would receive a product to review. If you would like to become a bzzagent, visit their site and sign up for FREE! The video gives advise on how to get all setup so you can hopefully get your first campaign sooner than later. 

I find that BzzAgent is a whole lot better than their competition. You just do the surveys so they know what your interests are and then link your social media sites, so they see how fabulous you are to your friends and family, and you're all set! Oh, yes, BzzAgent gives you points through MyPoints to use on gifts and prizes, when you complete those surveys too. Create an account at Mypoints and link it as well to your Bzzagent profile. 

Then, watch your email inbox for invites to campaigns and respond immediately because they fill up fast, but only if you like the product enough to give it a try and create buzz. No product is pushed on you or mailed to you, without you first accepting the campaign. These are full-size products so they want you to experience the product and then buzz the truth about your experiences with friends and family on social networks, face-to-face or over the phone, then update them, on their website. 

Have fun out there! 

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