Monday, August 26, 2013

musicMagpie Gives #Cash to #Recycle CDs, DVDs and Games

"musicMagpie gives cash to recycle your unwanted CDs, DVDs, and Games."

     The CD used to be the most efficient way for me to listen to my favorite music. It became much easier to move from track to track, no longer having to rewind and forward tapes in my boom box. The cassette tape craze was over.

      If I wanted to keep track of all my favorite music artists, I used a black CD case and kept it with me when driving in my car or just spending time with friends. I used to enjoy exchanging CDs or even borrowing them. I thought it was also very cool to collect them. However, that all changed with the power of streaming music videos, downloading music to your computer, or just listening on the go from your loaded playlists on your cell phone. "So what happens to all of the CDs, stored away in CD cases, all across America, when new advancements in technology brings along an even quicker way of accessing music?"

     The DVD has been used to entertain families for years. If there was a movie night, all you needed was a large bowl of popcorn and your favorite movie from the video store or currently on the shelf in your home. However, similarly to the CD, advancements in technology have made it even more attractive and exciting to watch movie releases from home or anywhere through movie streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu, from gaming consoles, OR your very own smart phone. "But, what happens to all of the collected DVDs, stacked on your bookcase or shelves?"

     My first real recollection of video games, came during the Atari and Nintendo era. One Atari joy stick was all I needed to defeat the centipedes and Super Mario was the favorite when it came to the Nintendo. Now, there are so many games that have a greater interactive edge. Kids and adults alike are able to strategize with one another from different parts of the world with the XBox console and online at any time of the day. Games are getting more interesting and challenging and before you know it, you have so many games just sitting around your room or stored away in shoe boxes under your bed. "However, there is a satisfying solution to removing the clutter to make room for your newer games."

     With the amazing new discoveries in the way we experience entertainment, the old has to make way for the new. The CDs, DVDs, and Games collecting dust or stored away in your home, can be recycled and you'll be given cash in return. For the past year, musicMagpie has helped people sell CDs for cash, along with their DVDs and games. After they receive the items, musicMagpie recycles the unwanted items into millions of ballpoint pens, traffic cones, and golf tees. To date, they have been able to use this method to help the environment tremendously.

But, how does it work?

To get you started recycling your unwanted CDs, DVDs and games, musicMagpie, has a three (3) step process to help you submit your items for free and get paid. 

Step 1 -- Enter or scan a CD, DVD, or Game barcode to get an instant value.
Step 2 -- Send your items to musicMagpie for FREE using their FREE shipping service labels.
Step 3 -- Get CASH for your CDs, DVDs, and Games.

The world of entertainment is endless. We experience this industry every time we listen to our car radios, turn on our television sets, and boot up our computers. So why not reduce the clutter and make some cash selling our unwanted items. You'll feel better and the environment will reward us all for it.

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