Wednesday, November 21, 2012

@ActorSelenaB on Twitter Attended #TurkeyDrive for Homeless (Nov. 19. 2012)

"Happy Holidays Everyone: 
Giving back is very important to me. I know deep down that my ultimate purpose in life is to acquire the tools necessary to help people. I was so happy to be invited to the Turkey Drive for the Homeless event at the Universal Studios City Walk, Infusion Lounge. There were many happy faces in the building who were as grateful as I was to give back this Thanksgiving holiday season. 
It is necessary for us all to set examples for others. As we mature and grow into our gifts and talents we must also not forget to give as much as we receive.
To know that my turkey will be on the table of a family in need or those who are homeless gives me great joy. 
I have a question for you: What will you be doing this year to help someone?
Share your good news in a comment below or Find Me on Twitter:@ActorSelenaB to share! (I will be happy to follow you back!)
This holiday, I'm wishing you a very special Thanksgiving with family and friends." 
Blessings and lots of love 
Here are a few photos from the Thanksgiving Drive For The Homeless:

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