Saturday, October 20, 2012

Salsa #Dancing, My Favorite Pastime

It was April of 2011, when I was introduced to Salsa Dancing and never looked back. 

I have always loved to dance. I have enjoyed jazz, ballet, hip hop, reggae, and modern dancing. When I am dancing, I lose myself and feel this chill up and down my spine and in my body. I release SO much tension and feel SO much better after. Working on an acting career and balancing life responsibilities can get hectic at times so you really need an outlet. I found that outlet in salsa after being invited to a class by one of my actor friends who knew the salsa instructor. 

The energy in the room while dancing salsa is just amazing! There are even many levels of salsa dancers and I find myself learning new and exciting moves when I interact with others. Sometimes, I even find it relaxing to watch others dance.

With the right shoes and openness to want to learn, you can be on your way to learning too!

If you are not familiar with Salsa, watch this brief video to see how normal, everyday people, dance to Salsa. They are getting down in the background, aren't they?

Salsa dancing is a great way to get away from the hectic stresses of your job, intense deadlines, and to go out with your girlfriends or the guys. What I really appreciate about salsa is the many ethnicities that it attracts. It also attracts people of all ages: Teens, young adults and senior citizens. If you can dance to the salsa beat, then you are gold!

Here I am, pictured below, with some fabulous and beautiful lady friends of mine who all absolutely "love" salsa! Some of them go salsa dancing almost every night! There is always a salsa location to venture out to.

And ladies, if you're into styling, then the best asset to have is in the shoes!! Here are some great examples of salsa shoes to get yourself ready for your first salsa class. Click on a particular shoe to get the details.

If you are a busy man who needs a good workout, then Salsa is the dance to do it for you too! There are so many beautiful ladies who would enjoy dancing with a gentleman with the passion for this dance. Here are some styles of shoes for you as well:

Anyone can dance salsa if you have an open mind. You must know that in everything you are learning for the first time, you must keep trying and working to improve. The Salsa community is growing each and every day and there is definitely a place for you to join in. Look for salsa beginner classes in your community. Before you know it, you'll be like me, just as passionate and ready to get on the dance floor when I hear the salsa sounds playing. 

Are you dancing salsa? Would you like to try? Share your thoughts in a comment. I'd love to read them.

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