Monday, October 22, 2012

Are You Getting Enough #Calcium, Ladies?

Are You Getting Enough Calcium, Ladies?

We have heard it time and time again from our mothers and doctors alike, the importance of calcium in our daily diet as women. When I was a little girl, I found my calcium in the milk I drank at school, from cheese, and other foods prepared at home. However, as one gets older and become more inclined to listen to news studies and read the latest and greatest in fashion magazines, you soon realize that you only knew half of the story. Surprisingly, women lose more calcium as we continue to get older. Because of this, we must replenish the calcium lost in our bodies to protect our bones and teeth for the long-term journey of our lives. 

Many others, including myself, are taking calcium supplements for women. As an actress with so many future goals and ambitions, it is really important for me to bring my best to every audition and it begins with me taking care of my bones which keeps me going strong. There are SO many brands to choose from. Just do a Google Search and you will have more than you need to research and discover. Or, how about while you're walking through your local pharmacy, there are just SO many calcium supplements. However, what's most important is to make sure that you are taking enough calcium that is recommended for women.

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Luckily, I was recently introduced to who specializes in an array of vitamin supplements for women and provides detailed information to help support a healthy overall body. You can 'Shop by Concern' on their website and see all of the different nutritional tools they have available to you. 

They even have a Calcium Support page which I used to learn more about the importance of calcium; their basic calcium formulas, bone building formulas, and discussions on the basics of calcium.

Ship Calcium Supplements To Your Home can ship my calcium supplements to my home and it takes no time to arrive. Many of their customers say that they receive their supplements in the mail within two days. This beats going to the local pharmacy every time you want to pick up your vitamins. Why not have them delivered to your home!

Being a Vegetarian Woman

Also, being a woman with a vegetarian lifestyle makes it very important for me to get my daily calcium consumption. I don't drink milk anymore and have changed over to soy milk. I also try to get calcium enriched foods as well, but to be safe I use the calcium supplements for women which do the job. 

I plan to live healthy and strong for a long time. If so, my bones need to stay as healthy as my mind. It's important to get into the act of doing it now before we reach senior age. 

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