Saturday, July 2, 2022

Laying Vigoro Mulch in the Garden #GardeningTips

It's finally time to lay Vigoro Mulch in the garden to complete the landscaping in the central area of my garden. I decided to use Vigoro because it was available at my local hardware store and they were also having their Spring sale so I had to take advantage of a good deal. I purchased approximately 65 bags. Now that I am enjoying gardening I look for deals. I wanted to use a local business, but I couldn't find a company working on my specific project and timeframe. Since I laid the landscape fabric first, the Vigoro mulch was a breeze to put down. I decided to purchase their brown mulch, but it comes in other colors, red and black also. I wanted to remain as natural as possible. I'm not going to be watering my mulch so I wasn't worried about it discoloring so I'm expecting it to maintain its color for some time. Overall, I am happy with the Vigoro mulch and will be purchasing again next year to refill some areas that may need a touch-up. At the end of this video, I show a panoramic view of the end result. It feels good to now have a nice space to continue to grow more fruits and vegetables. 

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