Monday, June 13, 2022

Planting Sunflowers in the Garden

In the video below, I am planting sunflower seeds in the garden. I purchased my seeds from Eden Brothers and another vendor, mentioned in the video. Overall, the sunflowers germinated nicely in my garden. However, earwigs decided to nibble on many of my baby sunflowers in the ground so I had to grow more indoors and fill in the areas where the earwigs had their feasts. I left some Bonide pellets for organic gardening down which seems to be working. Many sunflowers bounced back from the nibbling and are growing taller and taller every day. It really seems to be perseverance and consistency that keeps the garden growing. It's starting to pay off now. This video shows you how I planted the sunflower seeds and a quick update on their status after planting. I'm hoping to show their huge blooms on a future garden tour. It should be a sight to see.

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