Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Kavee C&C 5x2 Cage Kit Set Up and Review for My #GuineaPigs

Five baby guinea pigs were dropped off at our local Tractor Supply store. Before they all were taken to a local animal rescue I wanted to take home two for myself. I had guinea pigs in the past so I was familiar with them, but I still had a lot to learn. The Internet and plenty of videos on the subject helped me to get the baby guinea pigs to adjust properly. I decided to adopt two males and I learned that males like companionship, but they also enjoy their own space. I had them in a much smaller cage from Petco and realized rather quickly that I needed a better solution. After researching plenty of cage options, I decided to go with a Kavee C&C cage with a lid. I purchased my cage directly from their website for the U.S, but I also noticed that they do sell their cages and accessories on Amazon as well.

In the video below I show you how I put together the 5x2 cage with a lid (recommended for male guinea pigs since they are very territorial). I also dressed it up and then let my guinea pigs give their first impressions. If you're thinking about a pet for your children or maybe even yourself, guinea pigs are good company. However, not all guinea pigs are the same. Some guinea pigs like it best with their feet always planted on the ground (not being picked by humans a lot ). While others, are very social and want to cuddle up. I am glad that I decided to take in two of the five to give them the best life possible. I have included the accessories I purchased as well, all from Amazon below. Have a wonderful Christmas with your pet babies too!

Recommended Accessories I Use from Amazon

MuYaoPet Rabbit Guinea Pig Snuggle Sack Fleece Bed for Cage Small Animal

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