Friday, March 6, 2020

My First Puppy | German Shepherd Husky from the Shelter #adoptapet

On December 10, 2019, I picked up the newest member of our family. We named her Halo and she is our German Shepherd-Husky puppy. 

We were looking for a larger dog and my boyfriend happened to receive information about a holiday adoption event at the San Jacinto Animal Shelter. I decided to go down there to see what dogs were available and that's when I saw her. She was sitting in the last viewing room by herself, looking bored and unimpressed by all of the people walking by, ignoring her room. She was a puppy with large paws and eyes that would light up anyone's heart. I did not see any information regarding her on the viewing window so I asked a volunteer at the shelter and they said, "Yes! She is available for adoption." The volunteer was keeping watch while I frantically called my boyfriend to tell him that I think I found the one! I sent him a video of her on my iPhone and he was instantly hooked too. My heart was beating fast as I walked into the room to introduce myself, but she just wanted to play, which calmed me down and I thought to myself, "I'm about to get my first puppy." 

Before this decision, my boyfriend and I had experienced loss. He lost his Chihuahua dog to cancer and I lost my father and great aunt three months apart. It was a challenging 2019 for both of us, but we were open to a new puppy. I would say I was mostly. We had tried other places, searching for a husky puppy, but we were faced with scammers and high prices from breeders. So we decided to take our time and see what animal rescues and shelters had to offer.  

So after visiting with the puppy, I knew that she was the right fit for our family. I filled out all of the paperwork and she was officially claimed. Before she could leave the shelter, she needed to be looked over again by the veterinarian, spayed, and given her first set of shots, so I had to come back on the following Monday. I would have to get her second and third set of shots and bring her back for her rabies shot and get her pet license at four months old. With my leash in hand and the dog tag that I created for her at a Petsmart store, I went to pay the adoption fee and then they brought out our German Shepherd-Husky puppy (I did not know that she had Husky in her until I took her to our veterinarian for her second set of shots. We got some Husky too!). 

She was on her way to a new, forever, home with lots of room to run around and play. From what I heard, she was left in one of the shelter's overnight lockers by someone who surrendered her. I believe it was fate and we are ecstatic. 

In the following video below, I share how she's progressed so far from nine weeks old when I picked her up from the shelter until now at five months old. 

Have you added a new fur baby to your family? If so, tell me about it in the comment section below this blog post.

Here are some puppy supplies that we had to purchase to prepare for our German Shepherd-Husky puppy. 

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