Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Bloomingbulb Early Order Sale on #LilyBulbs Up to 28% Off (Varieties Inside)

Bloomingbulb is the place to shop for your lily bulbs for spring planting. What I like most about Bloomingbulb, they always ship my bulbs at the perfect time for planting. Check out their variety of lilies below and get up to 28% off! 

 photo lillies save up to 28 percent off.jpg

Bloomingbulb planting instructions: 
  • Plant Lilies either in fall or early spring, 8- 10" apart 3 times as deep below surface of ground as the bulb is high. 
  • If the bulb is 2" high, its bottom should be 6" below ground level. 
  • All lilies prefer light, loamy soil with a deep organic mulch, and require good drainage.
  • Fertilize at beginning of growing season to encourage larger plants. 
  • If the season is dry, keep ground moist but not wet by watering thoroughly once a week until plants flower. 
  • After flowering, reduce water and allow them time to dry
Click on any variety below to learn more and purchase your favorites

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