Sunday, January 14, 2018

Video: No Problem Is Too Hard For God | #Sunday Story Time #VLOG Episode 81

Welcome to this Sunday's Story Time With God Episode 81! Are you ready for your new week? If so, enjoy the Martin Luther King holiday and then work through your week with a problem-free mindset. I know, sometimes that's easier said than done. Today we will learn that no problem is too hard for God. He already knows what you're going through. Help is on the way! He brought you to this blog post today because he wants to remind you of His Presence in your life. Embrace this love and concern that God has for you. 

It's up to us to trust and believe in Him. God created heaven and Earth. The problems that we allow to overtake us and worry us into a state of depression and anxiety are only temporary pains. Look around you, before you know it you will have to buy more food, purchase more clothes, get your car serviced or repaired, and get some sleep tonight so that your body will be recharged and ready to tackle your day. Everything we worry about is indeed temporary and God wants for us to trust Him to work in our lives today. Can you do that? If so, you are taking the right steps forward on a new, unfamiliar, journey with God. God's timing does not compare to our time period here on Earth. We want things instantaneously but God works according to a divine plan. Personally, I can affirm that God's plan ends up being SO much better than my own.

Let's look deeper into what God is trying to teach us today about solving our problems. I will be reading about Sarah today in the new daily devotional for 2018 called The One Year: Life Lessons from The Bible and Watch the Video below for a full breakdown of this message.

Explore the life of Sarah in the Bible from Genesis Chapters 11-25.

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