Monday, October 30, 2017

Teeccino Herbal Coffee Alternative Review

Recently, I tried Teeccino's Chicory Herbal Tea in Hazelnut and Dandelion Turmeric in my vegan snacks, monthly, subscription box. Both of these teas are made with organic herbs BUT also taste like a cup of COFFEE in Medium Roast! 

Teeccino has developed a Herbal Coffee Alternative using herbs and they are both caffeine free and acid free because the award-winning designer of the teas, Caroline MacDougall, was sensitive to both caffeine and the acidity of coffee. However, she still loved the flavor of coffee. Personally, I am quite the opposite, I have tried coffee and couldn't get past its bitter taste and I ended up putting so much sugar or milk in the cup. So, I stuck with tea instead. Teeccino surprised me because it had the taste of a cup of coffee but without the bitterness and SO flavorful. I thoroughly enjoyed both, the Hazelnut and Dandelion Turmeric, but if I had to choose one over the other, it would have to be the Hazelnut. It tasted even more richer when I added a little soymilk and blue agave. 

I love companies that pay-it-forward! Teeccino also helps to support impoverished families in rural communities, organic smallholder farmers, and the preservation of the rainforest, with the purchases of their herbal teas.

My favorite HAZELNUT - Herbal Coffee Alternative

Teeccino Chicory Herbal Tea - HAZELNUT

My favorite herbal coffee alternative! Has a rich, creamy, taste...According to the package, it has buttery hazelnuts enriched by golden roasted almonds, dates, and figs. Caffeine Free. Acid Free. Teeccino is produced right here in the U.S. and certified organic. 
Contains Almonds.

Teeccino Chicory Herbal Tea - DANDELION TURMERIC

It was pleasant to the taste and showcased the herbal ingredients more, while providing a coffee-like experience. According to the package, it has turmeric and licorice highlight dandelion. Caffeine Free. Acid Free. Again, produced in the U.S. and certified organic.

Disclaimer: This product review is 100% my own opinion. I purchased these teas to try in my vegan snacks monthly subscription box. Your tasting experience may vary. 

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