Friday, May 20, 2016

SinfulColors Kylie Jenner Denim & Bling #NailPolish Review for {Krop Top}

This week, I stopped by my local Walgreens and picked up two different nail polish colors in the SinfulColors Kylie Jenner Denim & Bling Collection.

The nail color that I am reviewing this week, in the video tutorial/review, is for the color KROP TOP (2098). 

I have to say, this nail polish is definitely one of my all-time favorites because of the textured-finish effect. As I glide my fingers over the finished nail color, I can feel the blinged-texture. This color would go nicely for any occasion because it's not too flashy but has an elegant presence. I would wear this anytime. It dries in a reasonable amount of time and the nail polish is creamy and does not really need a second coat to make an impact. I like that. I would recommend this color and nail polish overall. A+

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What did you think of the nail color, Krop Top? 

Are you going to try one of the Denim & Bling nail polishes from Walgreens with you jeans this summer?

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