Thursday, February 18, 2016

O.B. ProComfort Regular Tampons Vlog Review and #Freebie!

Selena Thinking Out Loud reviews o.b. SilkTouch ProComfort Regular Tampons and have Freebies for You! In this video below, I share a closeup look at the o.b. Silk Touch Tampons, usage, and how to get your free box while they last. 

Get Your Freebie
Speaking of freebies, BzzAgent sent me 3 boxes to share, on behalf of o.b, so CLICK HERE, to send me your P.O.Box or mailing address, so that I can send you out one box to try.

My Personal Review of o.b Tampons
I recently used o.b. Pro Comfort Regular Tampons instead of my usual tampons with an applicator and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to wear this time around. Time and maturity has changed my outlook on the applicator-less tampon. I do feel that I have become more knowledgeable when it comes to tampons as I have grown older and understand my body more now. That in itself really makes a difference. 

When I was a teen, o.b. tampons were not a big hit for me. I found them a lot more complicated to fit into position during my menstrual cycle. That's when I discovered applicator tampons and used those instead.  With that being said, I have recently tried o.b. tampons again, which came in my BzzAgent kit. 

PROs, I do like:
  • how compact they are packaged so that I can fit them inside my purse or a small sac, for on-the-go 
  • They are very simple to use because there is no plastic or cardboard applicator left to dispose after using them
  • During the heavy flow couple of days, of my menstrual cycle, they held up nicely. There was no accidents or leakage. I would definitely trust myself to wear a nice white pair of jeans or slacks. 
CONs, that bother me:
  • I gave them a 4 out of 5 because there is still no real way to avoid getting some of the menstrual blood on your hand while pushing the o.b tampon into place, which can sometimes be messy during the heavier times of the monthly cycle. 

Overall, I feel more confident in the product's performance now and would use them again in the future. I still like my applicator tampons, but I could put o.b. tampons in the same league as the applicator brands. The quality and performance is on target.

This product review really gave me some insight into how important life experiences are, learning about ourselves and bodies, as we age. 

Answer This the Comments Below
Do you use o.b. Tampons during your T.O.T.M (Time of the Month)?
A.) Yes, I'm applicator-free!
B.) No, I use a different tampon brand.
C.) Nope, I'm a Pads Gal ;)

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