Thursday, January 21, 2016

My First Visit to #SanFrancisco Video Blog

There are some places that you visit for the first time, that leave a memorable mark. That is exactly what San Francisco did for me, during my first visit in September 2015. 

I took this photo as we were approaching the Golden Gate Bridge

Since it was my first time, I decide to take the Hop-on-Hop off BigBus Tour around San Francisco, to get a general, overall feel of the city. I have heard that San Francisco can be very rainy and cold, but I got lucky on this day. I am grateful for that because it was perfect!

I sat at the very top while strolling through San Francisco.

Among all of the rustling and bustling of the city, people walking and driving here and there, I felt comfortable. I felt as if there was something more to this city than the typical tourist spots. There was an unspoken connection with this city. I like to visit different places to see if I could actually live there and San Francisco is a place that I could definitely explore as a resident. The city was refreshing, the layout of the city was welcoming, and there was a lot to do. I was born, a city girl, so San Francisco reminded me of how a city should feel when you want to hang out, have some awesome food, and enjoy the views. 

During my time on the bus tour, I took lots of pictures and video footage, that I put together in this video blog. You can see what I saw, in the video below! Enjoy!

Share your experience in a comment below
Have your visited San Francisco? What did you think of this city? Do you live there now? Are there any insights you can give me about living there?

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