Monday, February 2, 2015

#Love on a Platter - Short #Film (2015) Watch It Now on!

Here on Selena Thinking Out Loud With PurposeI enjoy providing product reviews and giveaways. However, this time I wanted to share a short, comedy, sketch, that I filmed through my production company, SVBProductions, for some fellow actors. 

It was written by actress and writer, Chamia Lane and includes actor Garry Linwood, in the role of her boyfriend. Filming, Editing, and Directing was done by yours truly.

Love on a Platter is about a young woman who attempts to share her feelings about the status of her relationship with her boyfriend. 

Watch it now below or on YouTube, here. You can leave your comments below or rate it, if you enjoyed it with a thumbs up on YouTube. Take a look!

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