Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet Sonia, My Tabby #Cat!

4 months
I know, you've probably seen so many cat videos on YouTube by now. 

Well, this week, I decided to add to the many others out My cat, Sonia, was actually grandfathered to me, since no one could give her a permanent home. However, she fit right in, with my other cats. I never had a female cat, before her. She was SO small too. See her in the pic? :)

Next week, in April, she'll be 4 years old. So, now, she's much bigger now and didn't like being in the spotlight in my YouTube video for this week either. We got through it though!

Food I Feed My Cat
I often feed her Purina Cat Chow Indoor, with my other cat, Theo. However, since she doesn't eat as much as him, now I give her the soft food by Fancy Feast.

You can purchase both products on Amazon, to give them a try with your cats.


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