Saturday, November 2, 2013

#Blogger Opportunity: 10 Days of Christmas Event 2013! Sign Up Now!!

Free sign up with pay option, Read details below and Join us!

Starting December 2, Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose will announce, for the readers, a giveaway starting each day until Dec. 11. ($550 in prizes) for the 10 Days of Christmas Event!

The host of this event is open to more sponsors and if more sponsors are added, no charges will be made. All Bloggers, if you want to participate on a specific day, then you are required to post that day's giveaway.

To get your free link you must post the promotion announcement on your blog to share the news of this event.
(co-hosts are not required if you are co-hosting the 10 giveaways) 

You will have the option to select which giveaways you want to be part of during the 10 Days of Christmas Event.

Important: Bloggers, for Free link of Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest,  
Get your promotion announcement here for your blog!

Here are the pay options below:
Co-host for all the giveaways $15.  (you are saving $35)
Include:  2 co-host pages, up to 10 links on the RC (no google links)

Co-host for each giveaway $5.00 (in case you don't want to be a co-host for all the giveaways)
For example you maybe want to co-host only a few giveaways and get free links for the other giveaways!! 

Co-host page $3.00 (Co-host page are only to get more traffic to your blog and will help with your number, no links are included but you still have the option to get a free link with announcement.

Extra Links $.50 each (up to 4 links) For each giveaway you want  your links to be in.

Please send payment as gift to

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