Saturday, July 7, 2012

Katy Perry: Part of Me Movie Review

To avoid the weekend crowds at the movies, I thought it would be nice to see a new movie during the weekday and opted to see Katy Perry's Part of Me

Here's my Movie Review(My Rating: 8 out of 10)
From the start of the movie, I could feel all of the positive energy and the hope. I could really relate to her religious family background because I was raised very similarly. Church was all day Sunday, for me, and we were expected to be there. My sister, brother, and I had to sing songs that our father wrote and all of our cousins did the same in the choir. In the film, Katy also started out as a gospel artist and was not allowed to listen to any secular music and even some cartoons we all loved such as the Smurfs!

As her story unfolds, we find out that she feels like a new person moving to Hollywood. She saw more than what her parents had given her to experience. She was smart and noticed by people as outgoing and a joy to be around because of her amazing personality.

The movie really showed, first hand, the complexities of the music business and entertainment. In the business, people are always trying to tell you who you should be, what you should do, and how you should do it. Her experience taught me how it is alright to be who I want to be, to the fullest. Katy was dropped from record companies and left to pick up the pieces. Although her morale was low, she continued to write and her fan base supported her. 

I do believe that when you are working in your purpose the right people will come along. And, for Katy Perry, they did! YES! She worked for it the way she wanted to. Her parents still support her and that is huge for anyone working on pursuing a career in the entertainment business.

The movie then goes on to introduce us to how she found love and she expected him to wine and dine her like a gentleman, which was really AWESOME! However, we know that as the media have announced, in great depth, she is no longer with the gentleman, but have learned so much about career versus relationships. Relationship and Success are two different things. There is compromise. Sometimes the love is not strong enough to withstand the success. It seems that we all who are aspiring to be successful must choose and it can hurt. However, helping the greater good becomes more important.

"Sometimes we say "forever" but it's easier said than to do"-Katy Perry (The One That Got Away)

Then we are given insight into how she interacts with her fans! Her fans are everything! You have to love your fans. Personally, I understand how important this is and want to say "Thank You" to all of my Facebook Fans! It's really awesome that her sister chooses fans, in full costume, to go on stage with Katy during her performances. They are so happy and excited and really get into the spirit of the moment with her. At times during her touring she would be going through her own personal battles but would still be there for her fans. She is definitely a warrior.

I recommend this film for teens and up. Anyone who has a dream to work in the entertainment industry but have been jaded by the corporate maze should see it to give them new hope. I enjoyed this movie because it showed you all sides of her career and how the sting of the industry exists. 

We never can stop dreaming, and being ourselves.

"I already have a brilliant life, I just have to remind myself of it." -Katy Perry (Firework)

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