Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Day That Turns Your Life Around (Jim Rohn)


There are a lot of occurrences that I have experienced in my life that have turned my life around. Each experience, from being the oldest daughter of three to completing my journey in the U.S Army; from auditioning for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy to moving to Los Angeles, 3000 miles away, not knowing a soul. 

Then suddenly, I realized that everything I thought was right vs. wrong, mattered most in my life, or made me who I was, WAS indeed just a piece of my BIG picture...

a piece of my BIG picture...

I ran across this video by the late Jim Rohn who was a motivational speak and powerful teacher. He discusses how experiences in our lives trigger movement and genuine decision to CHANGE or TRANSFORM some part of ourselves.

This is something to think about.

Look back on your life and see how some tragedy, relationship, job, career, simple moment, accident, argument, loss, hello, or kiss, caused you to make the HUGE decision to turn your life around.


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