Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Sticker Book Exercise

I am now in the second class with Christy English in their Actor's Edge Program. So far I was introduced, for the first time, to 'The Sticker Book Exercise'. I never heard of this before, but said lets put it to work if I am going to practice all that I have to do in working towards a full-time acting career.

We all have fears, blocks, and worries that cause us to procrastinate and even doubt our abilities. This was the topic of the first call and she recommended that we start a 'Sticker Book'.

So....I wanted to share it with all of my aspiring actors who are working as hard as me to get things done. What you will need is pretty simple and easy.

You will need:
* A journal (you have to absolutely love it and can get it from CVS, Walmart, Big Lots, wherever, journals are sold)
* Stickers ( you need a variety of stickers that make you laugh or at least smile each time you see them)

Once you have your favorite journal and stickers, you are to begin writing each negative feeling, thought, or idea that comes into your mind and them follow it up with a sticker. Christy recommends that you put all of the negative thought in your journal even if you've done it already or repeat some. This exercise will allow you to begin to replace the negative roadblocks with positive thoughts. You can also track how far you have come from where you began.

My Results:
I have loved doing the sticker book exercise because it really helps me when I am doing an activity that is creative toward my acting and I have thoughts creep in. It really allows for me to write it down immediately and put a sticker on it to seal the deal.

I hope you enjoy this activity and it is able to help you in your acting journey.



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