Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love The Young and The Restless? Guess Who I Saw In Hollywood?

You never know who you're going to have the privilege to see in Hollywood. However, its great when its someone that you can't get enough of on your favorite show or soap.

This past Saturday, I was getting ready to house manage the next show at the Hollywood Fight Club Theater, when I looked up from the desk and saw one of my favorite actors from the Young and The Restless. His character on the show is Victor Newman, but his Hollywood name is Eric Braeden. The Young and The Restless has been so exciting to watch. I even find myself going online to catch up with the missed weekly shows because a girl gotta audition and work too! I've been watching the Young and The Restless since I was a little girl because my mom loved to watch the soaps. I guess its ingrained!

It's very special to see great actors come out to see shows in the small local theaters like the Hollywood Fight Club Theater. The show, Forever Fosse, was also HOT and SEXY though too, so...! In all, it really shows how much they appreciate the art, but they also know how to be transparent and confident in their own skin.

Victor Newman, I mean, Eric Braeden, looked fantastic on Saturday night. It was great to see that he actually looked like he does on the Young and The Restless. He was very nice and approachable as well. I hope he has many more years on the soap.

So...keep believing in yourself my fellow actors and I will do the same. It's a process, but when the process is finished churning, it's time for the follow-thru. Be ready when opportunity knocks!

Many blessings,


P.S: To catch up on the Young and the Restless, Click Here!

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