Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review of Iron Man 2

I am always a little worried about going to see Part 2, 3, 4, of movies because I feel that I may be disappointed, but I can say that Iron Man 2 really went above and beyond it's first. It was actually even more jaw-dropping than the first one. I was so impressed by all the action and I also saw Don Cheadle in another light as an action hero type, who replaced Terrence Howard as Col. James Rhodes. Don Cheadle is a keeper in my opinion.

The two Iron Men blasted onto the screen in a very unpredictable manner, which really made the scenes even more outstanding.When I saw the billboard for this, I thought that they would go in the direction of Spiderman with his opposite, but this was not the case. I will not spoil your chances of seeing it, so I will leave that for you to see yourself.

The comedic timing reigned supreme throughout with the talent of Robert Downey, Jr. He is definitely the best fit for the role of Tony Stark. He makes it look easy.  He was hilarious. The writers did a great job!

Jon Favreau, at the wheel as director, loyal friend, and driver in the film as Happy Hogan makes for some great laughs too!

Gwyneth Paltrow, Mickey Rorke, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, and Samuel L. Jackson were natural, believable, and nice to look at on camera in their particular characters. They owned their roles.

I see that it even out-shined Robin Hood in the box office for this weekend. Robin Hood took second. I personally recommend that anyone who has not seen it yet, buy the ticket and be prepared for a 2hr. 5min treat. You will not be disappointed. Also, if you want to get some idea of what's to come in the next one, Iron Man 3, wait until after the credits.

I actually did background for this film, Iron Man 2 as a political type in the last scene with Tony Stark getting the medal, but I looked like a small ant. However, it was good training and experience for me to be on the set and see how things are done. I love the experience and to see it in its final product was amazing.

Leave your feedback if you've seen it. What did you think about it!

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