Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If I Had Just One Month To Live...My 30 Days To A No-Regret Life

From my previous post, I was telling you that I will be embarking on a 30-Day Transformational journey. I was watching a sermon on television one Sunday morning recently by Kerry Shook and he had his wife on the stage. They were talking about how so many of us take our lives for granted and really are not doing what we know we were called to do. We settle on the jobs we have, put our gifts and talents in a closet to accumulate dust, and pretty much give up by using age as an excuse. So Kerry Shook threw in the monkey wrench, what if you had just one month to live! I continued to listen to the sermon and by the end wanted to really see if I was a victim of this same thing and decided to take myself on this deep inward journey.

Kerry and Chris Shook recommended their book One Month To Live as a tool to use to assess this. I got the CDs and their Journal because I know I will soak in everything better by listening and then writing in the journal about how I feel about things. I will be committing an hour a day in the early morning to just listening, meditating, and writing my findings. I will post for the next 30 days my findings and how this journey is impacting me personally and the things around me.

Ask yourself, What if I had 'One Month To Live'? What would I do differently? If you can truthfully answer that question and you are not currently doing that something, then take the challenge for yourself and write about it. Or, since I will be posting daily on each topic for the next 30 days, follow along with me and post your comments to share in each of my daily posts on what you have found about yourself. We can share together!

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