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For Product Reviews
Why? (Up to 4 hours of my time: reviewing your product, prepping the blog post, taking and retouching photographs (if applicable), sharing on social media, and doing a YouTube video for my channel, if that is requested, and if I liked your product after reviewing it.

PLEASE NOTE: If your product is relevant to my blog's audience, payment will be arranged through PayPal once we talk via email, and then a deadline to complete your blog

If you are looking for a product review from me, know that I provide product reviews and giveaways focused on lifestyle, beautyshopping, and family-focused products. Also...


1. Product Review and Giveaway (For Giveaways: Discount Code or Coupon Offer or Tangible Product to my Readers) 

First, the Review. I would love to but in order to review your product you will be required to mail me a full size product. I am not responsible for the cost of postage and your product will not be returned. If you are interested in having your item reviewed, please contact me for more information and I will be happy to work with you.

Your PRODUCT REVIEW will go LIVE after payment is received via PayPal. (PayPal accepts credit and debit cards on their platform) I will provide the flat fee once you contact me with your product details.


2. Giveaway. In order to review your product, my readers must be offered a discount code, coupon code, or tangible product in the mail, for the giveaway. 

After the review and giveaway are completed I will email you the shipping information for the winner. You will be responsible for the delivery of the product to the winner. Please make sure that you can mail the product to the winner within 14 business days. This is very important for the success of your project. As for a discount code or coupon code, that will automatically be included with my detailed review for my readers.


For Video Reviews
3. Video Review. If you would like a video review added to my thorough blog review and posted on my YouTube channel, please let me know. There is an $20 fee required for this service, which is for the time spent on filming content, editing, and uploading time.

I Welcome Invites to Campaign Events in Los Angeles and San Diego areas
If you're having a campaign event for your brands, I am definitely interested in attending. I really love experiencing new products and sharing them on my blog through reviews and giveaways. I also share the good news with my email subscribers and social media networks. Send your invites to the email below. 
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