Sunday, September 18, 2016

Story Time #Sunday | Time With God Ep13: Lois and Eunice Lead By Example #BibleDiscussion #BibleStudy #WomenintheBible

Selena Thinking Out Loud welcomes you to Story Time Sunday, Time With God Episode 13, a Bible discussion about how Christian women, Lois and Eunice, Lead by Example while raising their grandson/son, Timothy, in the ways of God. Although Lois married into the Greek culture, she was unbreakable when it came to her commitment to God and His Word. This strong faith in God carried over into her daughter's life, Eunice. Then Eunice continued to teach her son, Timothy, God's Word.

Children watch and observe us, which is also how they discover Christ. Here are five (5) ways to introduce them to Christ. These are also mentioned in the video below, in more detail.

1. Teach through your ACTIONS.
2. Pray as a Family.
3. Give gifts, crafts, and games about Christ
4. Use non-invasive ways to share Christ
5. Give children time to discover Christ for themselves

Comment Below on This Week's Question: As a woman, how can you lead by example for Christ?

The Story Time Sunday video and scriptures are listed below for you. You can use your Bible or Bible app and follow along, or just watch and listen.

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The Scripture for this Story Time Sunday Episode #13:
 2 Timothy 1:5

The Bible I Use: Women of Faith NIV Study Bible -

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