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#Football Party Items and #VegetarianRecipes for the Big Game

Disclaimer: The party items mentioned in the following blog post were purchased from our sponsor, LTD Commodities. All information mentioned in the post below, is 100% my own opinion.

Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose invites you to learn more about some fantastic football party items and vegetarian recipes for the Big Game! Each year, we gather around the TV or in the football stands to watch this exciting, action-packed, game, but we can't watch without filling our stomachs with some tasty foods and snacks too! 

I had the opportunity to purchase some party items from LTD Commodities for this year's Big Game. Being a vegetarian, there are some awesome recipes available, for hosting a half and half, finger-licking, good, football party. So, those who enjoy the traditional hamburgers, chili dogs, hot wings, and potato chips with dip, can feel comfortable too. I would recommend having a separate section for both eating preferences and including some of the following party items to keep your tables organized.

Game Time Bowls

If it's going to be nippy on game day, then I would recommend serving a Spicy Vegetarian Chili, alongside a traditional meaty chili with some crackers. Serve up each bowl of delicious chili in these 23 oz. Game Time Bowls. They come in all of your favorite football teams and have the official seal of the National Football League at the bottom of the bowls. They are easy to clean after the Big Game being top shelf dishwasher safe and convenient for reheating chili in the microwave. They were made with great care and of good quality. I would continue to use these Game Time Bowls throughout the year and well into the next football season.

Chip N Dip Bowl (Red)

There's nothing wrong with a nice chip and dip for the Big Game. If you're hoping to accommodate your vegetarian eaters, then I would recommend giving this Spicy White Bean Dip a try. It would go perfect with some tortilla chips or whole wheat snack option. While you're preparing the dip, pour your chips into this Home Essentials Chip 'n' Dip bowl. This is a well-made bowl. It is made of strong pottery material and in a bold red color. It would attract the eyes of any snack-eater during the game. There is also a special section, made on the inside of the bowl, for you to put the delicious dip. There's no need to have bags of chips all over the place and containers of dip. Replenish each section of this serving bowl as needed.

Chicken Wing Serveware

Last up on the party item's list are these Chicken Wing Serveware Bowls. They are available in a set of 4 and designed with the football-theme across the center. They are really nicely made and I like these a lot. You can serve up the traditional hot wings to your meat-eaters. Then some of these vegetarian or vegan options here: Cauliflower Buffalo Wings, Spicy Vegan Buffalo Chicken Wings, or this Vegan Buffalo Wings recipe. There were so many tasty ones to choose from, I had to share more than one.

Overall, I was very happy with the party items I received from LTD Commodities for this year's Big Game. I look forward to watching the football game this year and staying neutral, while friends, family, and fans all over, shout for their favorite team to win. Football and great food help to create the memorable moments with family and friends. Have fun and enjoy!

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