Monday, March 18, 2013

Weight Watchers #Scale by Conair Review & #Giveaway! (Open to US)

At Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose, I believe that being healthy and maintaining good health is important. I am no longer in the military but I still take the time to do my push ups, sit ups, run in the local park, and stay active during the week. I also enjoy yoga and a good stretch, but my biggest success for maintaining a healthy me is eating right. I believe that it's important, above all, to listen to your body. I enjoy food and I enjoy living happily from the inside out. I've been a vegetarian since 2000 and it works for me. I don't feel any different towards people who eat meat. I understand that a vegetarian lifestyle is not for everyone but eating wisely and making good long-term choices, is. I feel that eating in the right portions and staying active is important. At the end of the day, it all balls down to us all loving ourselves. You can't go wrong when you can look in the mirror and say, "I'm perfect just the way God made me." If we all looked the same, this world would be a boring place.

In the giveaway below, The Frugal Fairy has been following the Weight Watchers program and gives us her detailed review testimonial on this Weight Watchers Scale by Conair. Read all about her experience and enter this giveaway on the Rafflecopter form provided below. Open to US. Must be 18+ years of age.

BLOGGER REVIEW by The Frugal Fairy
I was lucky enough to try out the Weight Watchers® by Conair™ Glass Body Analysis Scale (Model WW78).
This was perfect timing because I have been following the Weight Watchers program! However, you don’t have to be on Weight Watchers to use this scale. For me, being able to accurately get my weight whenever I want to makes it easier to focus on my goals. If I see myself slipping up, I can adjust accordingly. It keeps me more aware.
Summer is just around the corner and incorporating this sleek scale into your dieting or exercise regimen will surely keep you on track to meet your goals.
After getting this scale I am going to get rid of my old one. It does so much more. Not only does it measure weight, it also measures body fat, body water, bone mass and BMI (body mass index). This is great for those who care about more than just weight.
I really like that the scale is digital and that it incorporates all of the other features besides just weight. I also like that it has 4 users that you could program.
This scale has high strength tempered safety glass and stainless steel accents. The LCD screen is 1.5”. The scale has a 400 lb. capacity. Included are 2 long-life lithium batteries.
You don’t have to take my word for it…this scale has gotten the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!
It is available nationwide at stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Sears and Rite-Aid, as well as for an average retail price of $39.99.
The only thing that I’m not too fond about is that once you program your info, if you want to weigh yourself right after you just did, it takes a bit to get through all your stats before you can weigh yourself again. But, not too big of a deal!
Follow Conair Scales on Twitter (@ConairScales) for other tips and advice to stay motivated, get fit, and become healthier!
One lucky winner will win a scale of their very own! 18+ US only.  See full giveaway rules here.

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Disclaimer: Selena Thinking Out Loud With Purpose is not responsible for mailing of prize.The Frugal Fairy received a scale for free for review purposes. However, she only gives her honest opinion and will only tell you about products that she thinks you may find valuable. No money was received. 


  1. absolutely, and im not even overweight

  2. Probably, even if it's not obsessive thinking.

  3. The opposite.. I don't think I worry about it enough.. although I'm not too overweight, I never lost all the weight from my last pregnancy.


  4. I used too. But not anymore! As long as I'm happy and alive who cares?

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