Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Advice for New #Bloggers…in #BoostYourBlog Challenge

My advice for new bloggers is as follows: 

1. Figure out what your interests are and then narrow that down to one niche that you can't help but talk about all day, every day. 

 Fashion  *  Sports  *  Giveaways   *   Product Reviews   *   Music   *   Dance   *    Golf    *    Movies    *     Casting     *     Parenting     *     Saving Money     *   Couponing   *   Baby Toys  

I believe we all have people in our lives who love something so much that they can't help but talk about it. One example that comes to mind so clearly is in the movie Forrest Gump, where Bubba Blue could not stop talking about shrimp! He loved shrimp so much that it became memorable to Forrest and to continue on his best friend's legacy, he established the Bubba Gump Shrimp Corporation. 

2. Find other bloggers that are sharing quality content within the niche you like.

I know when I first started out blogging, I didn't know half of what I do now. I enjoyed giveaways and found out that many people enjoyed them too. So, I went on Google and started to search for blogs that focused on giveaways. I then saw how they would set up their giveaways but still didn't quite know enough so I joined some really nice Facebook groups where people talk all about giveaways, daily. It was a huge community. That's really how I found my footing and started joining in with the community. After posting giveaways and learning to do my own events, I started to get more comfortable and building subscribers. I also added my interest in product reviews and my personal insights on acting and life in general, which could easily be turned into a giveaway if I wanted to take it in that direction.

3. Post to your blog on your schedule.

Some bloggers post to their blog everyday and others may post once a week or once a month. As for me, I like to post at least once a week if I am really busy working on outside projects. It's very important to make sure that your subscribers know that you still exist and if you're into Google rankings, that too. Remember, this is what you love to talk about and by sharing little tidbits on "your set schedule", you don't feel pressure. Think of blogging like your favorite television show. I am a Scandal fan, so I know that on Thursday nights at 10pm, pacific standard time, it will be showing. I will be looking for the show to come on and watching the episode. The same goes for when understanding your blog readers, they will stop by on the days you normally post to see what's new. They may stop by sometime during the week if you post once a week, but they will catch up with your content.

4. Stay connected with your readers with a subscription sign up box on your blog. 

Staying connected to the readers who support you and can relate to you best is very important. I created my first blog using and I still use Many people use other platforms but this one works best for me. When you set up your blog, it gives you an option to put a subscription box on your blog. I recommend that you do this or find a subscription service you love and copy and paste their html on your blog. What's so great about this is how easy it is for your readers to get your blog post updates. They will automatically get an email sent to them when you have posted something new to your blog. It's a great way to share your good news and keep them in the "know".

5.  Be patient. Your number of subscribers, followers, invites to review products, Alexa Ranking, Google Page Rank, will all improve tremendously.

When I would see how many followers a blogger had, or their Alexa ranking, Google page rank, etc, I would wonder, "What's the big deal?" However, later I found out that this all comes when you build up your credibility with quality content and information within your niche. If you stay consistent with your vision or what you would like to share with the masses, then you can't go wrong. You will see your number of subscribers, followers, invites from brands, and rankings improve tremendously. Everything will begin to fit together like a glove. You will become a trusted resource within your niche! The bottom line is, time and patience is the best policy when blogging. 

My Closing Point: 
Enjoy the ride. Never stop learning from better bloggers within your niche. Remember, your blog is your brand and that brand has to represent you at the end of the day. So, be free to be who you are 110% and Good Luck!

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