Sunday, December 25, 2011

Selena Brown's 2012 ACTION STEPS for Actors

I realize that we are all wanting to be seen and not only heard in the industry of acting. It is a business where you must be ready when your time comes and be well prepared for the roads less traveled. 

During this time, many are taking it easy and have decided to close their books until the new year on their careers. Personally, I believe that my career is what drives me and I should always be working on it, even during the holidays, to be prepared for the unexpected. 

In this regard, I have written down five (5) steps that I will follow and I hope that you will follow, to continue to get your marketing house in order for your acting careers. It is all based on an ebook I have acquired by Max Milias, called, Total Fame: How To Become Famous Fast

You can buy it, learn all about it, and here some video testimonials of those who have put some of his information into action because he gives so much that it will take you time to put it all into place, when you CLICK HERE!

It's nobody's business to know who you are until you make it their business. -Selena Brown

Selena Brown's 2012 ACTION STEPS For Actors! 
STEP 1: Write down your new Goals for 2012 NOW! Do not wait until 2011 has ended, do it NOW! What do you expect to achieve in this coming year for yourself in your acting career? How do you expect to achieve it?

STEP 2: Purchase your ebook copy of Total Fame: How To Become Famous Fast when you CLICK HERE!

STEP 3: Set the time aside each day in 2012 to READ and 'APPLY' what he is saying to you and watch your ACTIONS bear fruit! 

STEP 4: Keep a journal of your progress that you can come back to for motivation during the year, when things may not be going your way.

STEP 5: Come back here to this post and share with me how well your results are coming! You can also create a video, telling others how these steps with this ebook has helped your career on your Youtube, Website, Vimeo, etc accounts!

Good Luck and since it's Christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU! -Selena Brown

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